Sharing my “Why”: Meet the Artist behind Rebecca Joslyn Photography


Rebecca Joslyn Photography sharing her family session that was photographed in Indiana.

When I look at this photo from our most recent family session, I smile for so many reasons. First, for the beautiful family that I am blessed to call mine and second because of all the friends, experiences & moments that have given me so much joy over the past five years, which is all due to my journey into photography.

I am a firm believer of destiny and the beauty in watching how your life can unfold in the loveliest & most unexpected ways. If you would have asked me 5-10 years ago if I would have seen myself as a small business owner, I probably would have answered with a “no”. I’ve always had a love of art, music & photographs, but I didn’t dip my toes into photography until after the birth of our first daughter.

Becoming a mom gave me a deeper understanding of the intense desire to freeze time, especially when you have little ones. As the saying goes “babies just don’t keep”! That first year of life flies by and before you know it you’re waving to them as they ride off on the bus to kindergarten. Being a working mom has it’s challenges. Especially when your job is an hour away from the town that you live in. At a time when I needed it the most, photography filled the creative void in my life while at the same time giving me the flexibility to care for my kids at home.

Adorable kids being cute at their family session in Indianapolis Indiana.
Photo credit: Kimberly Reid Photography

Through photography, I’ve also had the chance to meet so many amazing women who share my love for capturing families & kids! Being the sole owner of a business can be a lonely job at times, but the connections that I have made through workshops and social media fill my cup!

When I’m not capturing cute babies & documenting your families messy & imperfect moment (which in my opinion always tell the best stories), you can find me reading a good book, planning our next family adventure & having frequent “dance parties” with my kids.

Looking to book your families next photo session & create some magic with me? Contact me today!

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