photographer, mother and storyteller for families looking for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Happy to meet you! 

I'm Rebecca

I am definitely the planner in my family, and nothing makes me more giddy with excitement than dreaming about our next getaway!

traveling makes my Heart so happy

There’s nothing that quite compares to being a mom. My three wear me out, fill my cup with daily laughter and keep each day new & interesting.

My Kids Are
My World

Breakfast goodies, desserts, candles…. pretty much anything with cinnamon & sugar is the best in my book!

Cinnamon + Sugar = HEAVEN

I enjoy lots of different genres, but I’m OBSESSED with historical fiction shows…Outlander, The Last Kingdom, Downton Abbey…yes, please!!

Historical dramas are my favorite to binge watch.

I LOVE to chat on the phone. Don’t get me wrong texting is great, but nothing beats having a conversation & being able to hear someone’s voice.

Talking on the phone y’all!






Let's Get Personal

A Few of My Favorite Things!

fun facts

I have been connected & become friends with so many wonderful families through photography. Throughout your experience with me, I want you to feel valued and know that I treasure your memories as if they were my own. 



Sometimes the most beautiful moments are the quiet ones… the way you brush your child’s hair away from their face, a loving glance, the genuine smile. All of the moments along the way when you forget that I’m there, when you are enjoying “being you” ...I’ll be quietly capturing those moments.



The way you love on your family, laugh like no one is watching, and embrace the chaos of those messy moments is the true element that will make your session timeless & beautiful. I love to guide you during your session into fun & natural posing while allowing you space to be yourself and be present.



From start to finish, I will be guiding you through my seamless process...session preparation, snacks for your kiddos the day of, through choosing the best way to display & print your art to enjoy for years to come...I’ve got you covered!



Beauty can be found everywhere, but nothing shines brighter than your own unique radiance when you are being captured just as you are with your favorite people. I want to document your joys as well as your imperfect moments that woven together captures the beautiful tapestry of your life.



My promise to you...

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I value the moments in your story that are real and raw. The moments that you cannot imagine not being able to relive that will become fuzzy with time. That’s why I’m here... so that you can relive those treasured memories, over and over.

My Philosophy